Aged Care Facility Cleaning

Are you running an Aged Care Facility, or do you visit one quite regularly? The aged population homes are some of the most neglected homes because they lack care. We extend good care to Aged Care Facilities through our Aged Care Facility Cleaning services.

Our Aged Care Facility Cleaning ensure that such charitable facilities are always clean so that senior citizens do not face any major health problems. To help aged people lead a life of dignity and health; we offer professional cleaning services to aged care facilities in Australia.

Older adults living in space are more prone to create waste, like if they are bedridden or facing any health issues. Many older adults face mobility issues and cannot keep themselves clean. Therefore, Aged care facilities need more of our attention. Our targeted group of services for Aged care facilities clean out such establishments so that the elderly can live a long life.

From small old age homes to large-scale retirement facilities, we offer our cleaning services to different scales of facilities with the help of our professional team. From general cleaning to regular cleaning on scheduled days, we make large-scale cleaning easy. From dry and wet mopping to disinfecting surfaces or cleaning out rooms, we offer a plethora of services under the aged care facility cleaning package.

Frequently Ask Questions

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Aged Care Facilities are meant for senior citizens, who make up a hugely vulnerable population who need clean spaces and hygiene to stay healthy.

Dry mopping and wet mopping, scheduled regular cleaning sessions, bathroom cleaning and disinfection processes are all counted under the Aged Care Facility Cleaning services from Smile Cleaning.

Aged Care Facility Cleaning usually takes 5 to 8 hours, and it depends on the size of the facility.

You can contact our Aged Care Facility Cleaning team at our official contact number or website.

Our professional Aged Care Facility Cleaning services all fall under the affordable range.

Yes, if you want, we can customize an Aged Care Facility Cleaning service package for you.